S T U D I O   B E C H E R




A Music Room
Schriesheim, Germany, 2013-15

Urban Fairground
Schriesheim, Germany, 201


Freies Museum
Berlin, Germany, 2014

All-in-one House
Cambridge, UK, 2013

Timber House
Schriesheim, Germany, 2013

Beaconsfield House
London, UK, 2012

Cone House Alpha One
Anywhere, 2012-13

Private Residence
Wiesbaden, Germany, 2012-14

Schriesheim, Germany, 2012

Shophouse 2012
George Town, Malaysia, 2012

Pop-up cinema ticket booth and bar
London, UK, 2012

New Economics Foundation
London, UK, 2011

New Bauhaus Museum
Weimar, Germany, 2011

A Room for London
London, UK, 2011

Brownsea View Close
Poole, UK, 2010

Crystal Palace Revived
Sydenham, London, UK, 2009

Sustainable Community
Dartford, UK, 2009

London Bridge 800
London, UK, 2009

Private Residence
Westminster, London, UK, 2009


The Museum of Modern Art
New York, USA, 1998

Transcription of a Concert Hall
Helsingborg, Sweden, 1997

Highway Megastructure
Barcelona, Spain, 1996-97


The Vertical Village
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1995

Institute for Lighting Research
Karlsruhe, Germany, 1994